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General rental conditions

1. Acceptance of the general conditions

The present general reservation and rental conditions govern the contractual relations between the landlord and the tenant, where last mentioned accepts them unreservedly. These general reservation and rental conditions prevail over any other general reservation and rental conditions mentioned on any other document, exception made in the case of prior deliberate and written derogation. The present general reservation and rental conditions are shown and to be read on the site www.location-corse-web.com, prior to any reservation. Therefore, reserving or requesting a reservation implicates total unreservedly acceptance of the tenant of the mentioned general conditions and constitutes the definitive and binding consent of the client of all mentioned clauses.

2. Duration of the stay

The rent is seasonal and thus of temporary nature. The stay automatically ceases at the fixed and agreed expiring date without being forced to expel. The rental period can not be extended.

3. The booking

- The booking will be definitive only if the owner receives, before specified date, the deposit corresponding to 50 % of the total price of the stay. The non compliance with the deadline of the option of reservation pulling ipso facto the cancellation of the request of booking.

- As far as the customer returns to the owner for the aforesaid deadline the deposit corresponding to 50 % of the total price of the stay, the booking becomes firm and definitive during the sending by the owner to the tenant, by e-mail within 5 working days, of a confirmation of booking for agreed period.

- Payments, exclusively in Euro, are made by check, money order, cash, bank transfer, or Paypal. The possible expenses being chargeable to the tenant.

4. Cancellation

* Concerning the tenant :

Any cancellation must be made and will lead to the renunciation of the deposit by the tenant. In any case, the deposit will be retained as a minimum compensation. If the tenant does not appear on the day specified in the agreement or within twenty-four hours and does not inform the landlord: this agreement is considered to be cancelled, and the landlord may take possession of the premises.In any case, the deposit will be retained as a minimum compensation.

* Concerning the landlord :

If the owner cancels the reservation, it will have to transfer with the tenant the amount of the perceived instalment as soon as the cancellation is announced, without interests nor the other some expenses.

5. Interruption of the stay

Interruption of the stay by the client, will not lead to any refund.

6. Rental cost

The total amount of the accommodation rent and the security deposit are indicated on the website. A deposit of 30% is required at the time of booking and the final balance upon arrival. The client not paying his balance on time will be considered as having cancelled his stay. From thereon, the accommodation will be available to rent again, without any refund. The security deposit is to be paid upon arrival, as mentioned on the website.

7. Security deposit

The security deposit of an amount fixed at 500 Euros must be paid when the tenant takes possession of the premises, and is intended to cover any loss or damage caused to property, extra cleaning costs, too important charges (water/gas/electricity), and/or any necessary repairing costs, in particular concerning furniture and all the electric household appliances or any other object. This deposit will be returned after verification of the apartment, less any charges needed to cover, if it’s necessary, any loss or damage caused to property. If the amount of the deposit proved to be insufficient, the tenant will have to regulate the difference.

8. Arrival

The tenant has to present himself on the exact date and hours mentioned on the website. In case of delayed or late arrival or any other last minute hindrance, the tenant must notify the owner.

9. Use of accommodation and premises

The Tenant will occupy the premises without causing disturbance and for their intended purpose, he should secure the peaceful atmosphere of the accommodation and premises, and, as a responsible family man should, use them correctly himself and survey their correct use by his family. Furthermore, the tenant should respect the estate regulations. On departure, the tenant undertakes to leave the premises as clean as he or she found them on arrival. All the items must be returned to the places they occupied when the tenant arrived. The premises may not be used by other persons, except by prior agreement with the landlord. The tenant is not allowed to sub-let under any circumstances, even free of charge, and the agreement will be cancelled if this occurs. Apartments are « non-smoker ».

10. Capacity

Except preliminary agreement, the reservation is established for a maximum capacity indicated on the description. If the number of tenants, in whatever moments of the stay, exceeds the capacity, the owner can refuse the additional persons. In case of non compliance with this clause, the owner can refuse or cancel the rent; the total amount of the remaining stay due to the owner. A supplement of rent can be required in case of acceptance of additional persons by the owner.

11. Animals

Animals are not accepted during the rents, "not accepted" mean no animal, neither in the apartment, nor in the garden. In case of non compliance with this clause by the customer, the owner can refuse or cancel the stay. In that case, no refund will be made.

12. Inspection and inventory

An inventory of fixtures will be made at the start and end by the landlord and tenant. Any degradation will be the object of a restraint fixed by the owner to the security deposit. Apartments are supplied with the housework at the start. The cleaning and housekeeping of the accommodation are at the tenant' charge during his stay and before departure. The housework is required for every stay. However if the state of cleanliness before the departure is unusual, a lump sum for compensation of the additional domestic expenses, will be retained on the security deposit, besides the required supplement.

13. Obligations of the tenant

Any lost or damaged object present in the accommodation will must to be refunded by the tenant, the amount of the compensation being fixed by the owner. This clause also concerns objects such as interior lining, shutters, electric household appliances, rent furniture, blocked up sanitary equipment due to disposal of unadapted objects/products, and any other damage not mentioned here. Moreover, the tenant has to accept any urgent repairing to his accommodation during his stay, knowing that no compensations or reductions whatsoever can be claimed on the rental price. In no case can the tenant rent or assign the accommodation to a third party. He should not make any changes to the furniture arrangements, and even less, take any furniture outside. Any damage or accident should be notified immediately to the owner. Prolonged mechanical failure or any acts of vandalism causing damage to the premises, whether occurring prior to or during the stay of the tenant, does not put the tenant in a position to claim compensations, nor any other of the tenants.

14. Obligations of the landlord

To maintain the accommodation and in good working order, except in the case of cause beyond control, accidents, natural disasters, and/or in case of vandalism, whoever responsible, identified or not, whether resident or not, perpetrated before or during the stay of the tenant, causing deteriorations or destructions to the premises.

15. Termination

In default of respecting dates of payment or non fulfilment of any clause mentioned above, the landlord can immediately cancel the rent and expel the tenant during his stay on site.

16. Claims

Any claim put forward concerning the non conformity of the accommodation's description (seen on the website) and/or the inventory should be notified to the landlord necessarily in the entrance to accomodation.


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